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    Sleep Issues

    Enabling you to help yourself

    Sleeplessness can affect us all from time to time. It is important to note that short periods of sleeplessness are perfectly normal. However when it persists sleeplessness can have a detrimental effect on your psychological and physical well-being. Long periods of sleep can cause you to feel awful – overtired, cranky and to lose your zest for life and in extreme cases can contribute to anxiety or depression.

    If you are having problems sleeping it may be helpful to develop a consistent sleep regime, working with your own natural patterns. Are you a night owl? Do you prefer to stay up late and get up later? Or perhaps you are an early bird? Up at the crack of dawn and in bed by 10pm. Either way, consistency is the key!

    If you should wake up in the night, try hard not to worry. Accept that you are awake and at some point you should fall back asleep. Try not looking at the clock. Make sure you have set an alarm to wake you up at the time you need to get up. You might want to keep a pen and paper by your bed and write down any thoughts or concerns that you have that might be keeping you awake.

    Try to make certain that your sleeping environment is calm, comfortable and quiet. Avoid watching TV or film while in bed. Some people find listening calming music or reading a book before bed helpful in lulling them to sleep. Getting regular exercise, cutting down on caffeine and alcohol can make a big difference. Try it – you might be surprised!!

    Sometimes the simple things are the best. Mindfulness or meditation can help you prepare for sleep. It is very important to remember that you are in charge of you. You are not ruled by your heart, your head or your thoughts. Tomorrow is another day!

    Products to help

    Charities & Support Groups

    National charities and support groups for this issue:

    FREE helpline call 116 123

    The Samaritans provide 24 hour, confidential, emotional support for anyone in crisis.

    Mental Health Foundation

    Provides information and support for anyone with mental health problems or learning disabilities

    Mind - For Better Mental Health

    We provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem.

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